Real-time supply data on COVID-19

Helping hospitals and health facilities share data on resources to combat COVID-19.

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Track Realtime Inventory and ICU Bed Availability

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See inventory/ventilator availability at a glance on an intractive map, powered by Tableau.

About Covid Supply Central

The COVID Supply Central (CSC) portal enables hospitals and health facilities to share real-time data on beds, ICU capacity, ventilators, PPE, and other supplies. Facilities can capture what supplies are required, request supplies from other facilities, and update needs that have been fulfilled. Supply data flow in real-time to Tableau Public maps, visible within the portal and on the web, so health workers and public health officials can keep their finger on the pulse of key resources. As data flow in every day, the maps enable users to easily and immediately understand where supplies are running low, ensuring ventilators get rapidly deployed where they’re needed most.

We are leveraging the Salesforce Platform and its declarative features, including a Salesforce Community with self-registration, to enable users anywhere to register and use the portal.